An unoccupied vacation home is not a monetary asset, it is a risk that can erode your wealth during a recession, a natural disaster, or just with the costs of maintenance, surveillance and damage that can occur.

At Cevoya we believe that vacation homes should be income-generating for their owners and that owners themselves should enjoy their homes as if they were paying guests.

Our dedicated Concierges have all the training necessary to provide a 5-star experience to paying guests on your property. And when you occupy the house yourself, they will give you the same level of service and dedication.

Your property and belongings will always be safe under our care, and guests will pay the highest rates at the destination, leaving the best reviews on booking platforms. All this while the local community benefits from job creation and awareness of the destination you have chosen for your second home.

Before meeting Patrick and his team, I was about to close my hotel business. They gave me back my life!