Asset 65

You have invested a lot of money, time and dreams in your vacation home. It looks and feels wonderful, it is her pride and passion.
You also begin to know and love what makes the location where your vacation home is unique. Start having your favorite activities, restaurants and attractions at the destination.

But you are a busy person with a family that is also full of activities
So in the end he doesn't use the house as often as he would like. And as a person who knows about finance, you know that an underutilized asset is not an asset… it is a liability.

So perhaps you have thought about renting your house in exchange for a financial reward and thus pay for maintenance and surveillance costs. Or maybe you just want to share your aesthetic vision and a unique destination with guests, both known and unknown.

Clear! You don't have the time to run a hospitality operation at your vacation property, and you fear the risks of letting strangers into your dream home.
That is where Cevoya begins its work.

Before meeting Patrick and his team, I was about to close my hotel business. They gave me back my life!