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Welcome to Cevoya Hospitality

What is property management?

A property management company is responsible for managing each of the operational, financial, legal, maintenance and cleaning processes that a vacation destination requires, be it a luxury home that is acquired for family vacations or as an investment or a hotel. boutique.

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Why hire a real estate administration service?

The management and maintenance of your property does not necessarily have to come from your family income source. You can improve your lifestyle and get an exponential return on investment, plus you can enjoy more free time and less stress.

How does property management work?

A team specialized in the management of vacation rentals will be the link between the owner and the guests in order to carry out all the necessary operations so that their property is safe and guests have a comfortable stay.


Types of Assets

Vacation home management

We are a vacation rental management company based in CDMX, our comprehensive tourism and hotel management service will help you keep your property in optimal conditions while generating a return on investment and satisfying the expectations of your guests with a luxury service. , promoting tourism and promoting your property.

Home property management

Service designed for those owners who acquired a residential condominium, for vacation and / or as a real estate investment. A professional administrator will take care of the financial, operational, legal, maintenance, upkeep and promotion functions of your residence.

Boutique hotel management

A service created for those owners of small boutique hotels who would like to have support in the management and administration of their hotel, you will recover the lost return on investment and recover time and tranquility.

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Unified platforms

We use vacation rental management platforms as a tool, unifying them in a single tray, no matter what the ideal platform is, we make it our tool

Targeted Marketing

We have a specialized marketing team that integrates physical / digital channels to reach the ideal guest profile for your vacation home or

Professional photography

We take care of showing the full value of your property with professional and high-quality photographs

Specialized agents

Our specialized agents will manage all the processes of the costumer journey to provide an unbeatable experience to each guest, without losing sight of the details and security of your property.

Preferential customer service 24/7

Our 24/7 assistance service will give you the peace of mind of knowing that whenever you need it, our agents will be there to assist and help resolve any unforeseen details.

Revenue management

We help maintain and retain the minimum viable so that the maintenance and security of your property maintain desirable levels, which will allow greater capital gains and of course a constant return on investment.